About California Dairies, Inc.

California Dairies, Inc. – the number one dairy processing cooperative in the leading dairy state.

California Dairies, Inc. produces 43 percent of California’s milk or nine percent of the milk produced in the United States on 435 dairies. A manufacturer of quality fluid milk products, butter and milk powders, California Dairies, Inc. has sales of more than $4 billion across all 50 states and in more than 50 foreign countries.

California Dairies, Inc. is the result of a successful 1999 merger of three of California's most financially successful cooperatives: California Milk Producers, Danish Creamery and San Joaquin Valley Dairymen. All three cooperatives were rich in tradition with roots dating back to the turn of the 20th century.

As a member-owned milk marketing and processing cooperative, California Dairies, Inc. is co-owned by 390 California dairymen who ship 18 billion pounds (8.1 million metric tons) of milk annually. Member dairies are located from San Diego County in the south to Sacramento County in the north.

California Dairies, Inc. has a tremendous presence nationwide as well. As the second largest dairy processing cooperative in the United States, California Dairies, Inc. is able to serve a variety of customers quickly. In constant communication with its customers, California Dairies, Inc. works to immediately adjust to and meet its customer’s needs, large or small. California Dairies, Inc. prides itself on producing the highest quality products while providing customers of all sizes with exceptional service.

One goal of California Dairies, Inc. is to become a major exporter focused on delivering value-added products to international customers.

Sustainability Report

CDI is committed to becoming the world’s leading source of sustainable dairy nutrition and has voluntarily committed to regularly assess our performance and set benchmarks for improvement.

Download the latest report (PDF, 3.5MB)


California Dairies, Inc. has plant locations throughout the state providing the ability to produce custom-made dairy products. California Dairies, Inc. processing plants are strategically located throughout its milk procurement area. This allows for maximum efficiencies in milk receiving and milk transportation cost savings. Plant locations:

  • Artesia – primarily a condensing and bulk fluid plant.
  • Tipton – one of the largest plants in the nation. Capabilities include powdered milk, butter and production of a variety of condensed product.
  • Visalia – equipped with the largest single evaporator-dryer in North America.
  • Fresno – contains a number of dryers and extensive butter churning and printing lines.
  • Los Banos – condensed product, cream cheese and Nuefchatel.
  • Turlock – outfitted with state of the art powder producing equipment as well as the ability to produce a variety of different consumer size packages of butter.

With plants located within 100 miles of major shipping ports - Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland - California Dairies, Inc. is well-positioned to meet delivery needs both domestically and abroad.

As the largest dairy processing cooperative in California and the second largest in the United States, California Dairies, Inc. is uniquely positioned to serve its customer’s dairy needs. California Dairies, Inc. is constantly looking to expand markets and products to meet the needs of its customers.


Challenge Dairy

California Dairies, Inc. is the sole owner of Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. Challenge Dairy provides a complete line of butter products to the retail trade, as well as a diversified line of products to the food service and food ingredients businesses. Challenge Dairy offers two leading and well-respected brands of butter – Challenge and Danish Creamery. Both the Challenge and Danish Creamery brands have a century long history and are considered to be California Dairies’ premium butter brands.


California Dairies, Inc. is also a shareholder in DairyAmerica, Inc. DairyAmerica markets milk powders throughout the United States and internationally. DairyAmerica handles approximately 50 percent of all milk powder produced in the United States and has exported milk powder to over 40 countries worldwide.